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Urania Necklace

Exotic Allure Unveiled: Swarovski Crystal Necklace in Pitch Black with Vibrant Accents. Hand-Painted Metallic Blue Crystals. Golden Plexiglass Base. Includes Nickel-Free Chain

Sale price$630.00

Exquisite Allure Unveiled: Embrace the Exotic Beauty of this Necklace. A Striking Central Swarovski Crystal in Pitch Black, Harmoniously Complemented by Vibrant Hot Pink, Elegant Black, and Hand-Painted Metallic Blue Crystals. Resting Gracefully on a Golden Plexiglass Base, it Exudes Unparalleled Glamour. Completed with a Golden Nickel-Free Metallic Chain, this Piece Embodies Unforgettable Style.

Urania Necklace
Urania Necklace Sale price$630.00