Crina’s life has been a manifestation of her dreams. She began her career as a model at the age of 15 then moved on to working in television and politics. Growing up in a low-income neighborhood in Eastern Europe, Crina drew inspiration from the clothes and accessories she longed for, envisioning the life she wanted to create for herself. Today, she stands at the helm of her own fashion business, a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, and working mother and wife who believes that a woman must never give up on her dreams.

MAIOCCI is a brand with a personal, familial touch as it was Crina and her father who co-founded the company. Upon his passing away, Crina remembered the last meeting the entire team had together. Crina’s father visualized MAIOCCI as a red dot that covered the world. For this reason, red details are elegantly woven throughout her collection as an ode to her father- to ensure that his positive message and legacy lives on through the success of MAIOCCI.

Upon working as a successful fashion buyer for seven years in Europe, Crina became acquainted with the nuances of the fashion industry. She saw, first hand, what was missing from the market. Therein, she found a niche in creating sexy, comfortable clothing for the cosmopolitan woman. In the same spirit, the name MAIOCCI itself was one she created with during a romantic walk in the beautiful city of Milano while eating gelato with her husband, a successful serial entrepreneur himself.

Crina is inspired by the grace and poise of a woman and the ease with which she can successfully play the role of wife, mother, career woman, or even all three at once. In turn, Crina hopes that through MAIOCCI and her story, she can inspire women to continue to dream big and never give up- a sentiment she fully embodies. MAIOCCI has been featured in revered publications such as The Financial Times, Vogue Italia, Elle UK, Vogue India, and Glamour UK.